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Capturing precious moments....

one stroke at a time

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About Lindsay:

For most of my life, I loved drawing but never realized I had any “true” artistic talents. I spent all of my professional life in the Finance world, never imagining I had a hidden passion for creating true art.

On New Year’s Day of 2015, I was inspired to invest time on the things I had always set aside. My first attempt at this was to really commit to practicing and experimenting with pencil drawing. This was the beginning of all the fun.

I do not have any formal art training but only the purest desire to connect within and express this through my art. I started practicing from photographs as my frame of reference as a form of self-entertainment......

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What We Offer


Graphite & Charcoal Portrait Prices

8” x 10”
11” x 14”

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Colored Pencil Portrait Prices


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Prints are $30 each.


"We and everyone else is admiring the sketch you did of the old house in Longport. It is very well done and captures the feeling of the home. We truly love it- for over 60 years, especially because we built so much of it ourselves. It keeps our memories alive. Thanks to you."

Faith & Herb 

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